My Body of Work

Projects and Experiences

Enterprise India Fellowship - Partner

August 2020 - Present.

Enterprise is a fellowship program. When I was a partner at enterprise, I was a part of many projects actively or inactively, which allowed me to explore opportunities.  I attended weekly sessions for 6+ months on topics like user research, content creaction, keywords and ad words, mood board and Excel. I also got a chance to co-create, co-design, co-host a session on LinkedIn for my peers. This helped me receive feedback and incorporation of feedback in my work. I have participated in 9 one week long processes to reflect on my past learnings and create blogs and podcast.

During my year at enterprise, I got several chances to interact with change-makers, storytellers from various field. My takeaway from enterprise was how important resilience and not quitting is.

Leadership Through 21st Century Skills

February 2021 - March 2021

I got a brilliant opportunity to work with a creative guru, Rajiv Tulpule to create videos on Leadership in the 21st century.  However, his creativity kept bubbling which changed the scope of the project drastically in 2 weeks. I ended up making 2 reels for Instagram and 4 videos for youtube. For youtube, I co-designed the concept with Rajiv Tulpule. After which, I hosted, edited the video, and put it on youtube. My takeaway from this experience was how to create to host in front of the camera and make the video interesting.

The Green Room - Team

March 2021 - Present

We started with talking to the speaker, identifying  the theme of their story, and settling on a calling question. After which we moved to content creation for social media marketing. Then came outreach. Outreach was a week-long process, where we made calls and dropped 300+ messages to our database. Then moving on to hosting, we had to get our scripts ready, for which I was very nervous. I end up fumbling when speaking in front of the crowd. But due to the continuous practice, I was able to speak clearly! My takeaway from this experience is public speaking. 

Unbox College - Co- Founder

July 2020 - Present

When I became a part of the team the product was in the ideation phase. I started by taking care of social media. Then I took on my responsibility of content creation, mapping out strategies, and looking for potential clients in relevant fields. I handled the onboarding of clients and blogs for the website. My takeaway from this experience was how consistency and believing in your product will help you grow.      

#karo Playdates - Co- Founder

Spetember 2020 - December 2020

#Karo Playdate started as a simple 3-week project. It evolved so much in those 4 months. Initially, it was a course that turned into a workshop for kids and parents to spend quality time together. We conducted multiple user interviews while identifying the needs, pains, and gains of a user. Highlighting the needs of 3 users, we were able to create the product. After each workshop, we identified ways we can develop the product. My takeaway from this experience was how during the user interviews we should be able to identify what is said, and what is unsaid.

BizChamp - Outreach Associate

March 2021 - April 2021

This was one of the most challenging experiences. We had a very tight 3 weeks deadline. In which we had to maximize our reach and make a set goal of sales. We started by mapping out strategies and choosing the best possible one. We made cold calls, sent a lot of emails, spoke to relevant field experts to see what we can do best. The process was challenging since the strategies were constantly evolving as we progressed to the end day. My takeaway from this experience was how to be shameless while making cold calls because rejection is inevitable.

Smile Wellness Foundation - Fundraiser

March 2021 - July 2021

I got a chance to work with 5 empowering women, who wanted to help underprivileged kids have a shot at practical learning. We worked continuously for 3 months, working on pitch prototyping. We pitched a few times to understand the gaps in our plan so that we take care of it. We also helped the team set up a Fundraising page and studied crowdfunding. My takeaway from this experience was how to take feedback positively and incorporate it into product development.

Connekt Homes - Summer Intern

June 2020 - August 2020

Working with ConnektHomes felt foreign. I had no idea about the real estate industry. It was a learning curve for me to handle operations, make a balance sheet while strategising for marketing. I was also coordinating with the cleaners to ensure that the protocols were being followed since it was an integral part of the business. My takeaway from this experience is how no work in a business is small.

#karo - Marketing Team and Content Writer

May 2019 - June 2019

I joined as an intern and took on small capsules of work. Eventually, I started to take responsibility and learned what the pressure of finishing work before the deadline felt like. The challenging part came when we had to select co-creators. Our work wasn’t only to select good co-creators, we had to select someone who understood the vibe of #karo. It helped me break out of my shell. My takeaway from this experience was how challenging and exciting work can be.